Lydney Weekend Cruise

Latest News!!!!


I am sorry to announce the event has been cancelled.


I have just had text stating that both Lydney lock gates are broken.  No doubt Lydney Yacht Club et al are doing their very best to get them fixed, so we intend to pop over to Cardiff in hope on Thursday eve but Simon Richards at LYC reckons visiting boats won't be able to get in. It would be as well to check with Lydney before passing St Piere.


On the weekend of the 4th July, the USA celebrates Independence Day, while we shall be in Lydney celebrating in the company of the Lydney Yacht Club, who will be providing food and entertainment.

From midday Saturday, there will be bands, stalls, a bar & refreshments until 5 pm.

Then in the evening – there is a cooked meal for all yacht visitors followed by party with music. Each person will be asked to contribute £5 for the 2 courses.

One of the goals of this cruise is to introduce Yacht Cruising to inexperienced club members.


So if you fancy a weekend on a boat, please make sure you let someone know, and we shall try and get you a place on a boat with an experienced skipper. I should think there will be the usual list on the noticeboard, but don;t wait till then to make yourself known.


Full details to follow - the general plan is to depart from Uphill on the 21:58 tide of Friday 3rd July, arrive at Lydney on the 10:22 tide on the Saturday, and leave Sunday on the 11:04 tide.

However, as this may turn out to be a popular event, we may send as many boats as we can off on the Thursday evening, probably to sail via Cardiff. Also note that some of us may be staying until the Monday.