The Single Tide Series is a simplified program, intended to give ample opportunity for novice skippers and crew to get into cruiser racing. It is essentially a re-modelling of the Bay Trophy but with the aim of making each event as flexible as possible.

We shall be running the races with the minimum of fuss and rules - just enough formality to keep the racing safe, fair and meaningfull.

Previously, the racing rules catered for several classes of boat performance and various types of racing. This level of complexity and forward planning is being knocked sideways by the recent weather patterns with the result that club racing has become unpopular. This is a shame, as the club has a proud racing tradition.

So now we essentially turn up, pick a course and go sailing.

We are running a handicap system that ought to promise fairly close racing once the system has settled down. (For those who worry about such things, this will be compatible with your entries into other club's events.)

We are also awarding points - points are to be awarded for each race as follows: 1st place - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd – 1 point. This should mean that we can announce an overall 'winner' at the end of the season. However, the emphasis is on participation and fun, so that we can get folk involved once more.

Those of us in the club who are experienced in race management, will adjust courses according to the weather and tide conditions, and who turns up on the day. The club is maintaining a list of participating boats, which are put into one of two classes depending on the type of boat. Some races may see shorter courses for the 'slower' boats, but this is not something that should worry the novice.