Normally the first racing event of the season.


The Samson Trophy is awarded annually to members of WBYC in order to encourage an early start to the cross channel sailing season.


The Rules covering this event are:-

  1. The Trophy is awarded to the helm or owner of the first boat to reach Barry Harbour at the start of each year's sailing season.
  2. For reasons of safety, no boat is eligible to enter which is less than 16ft overall, (excluding bowsprit, bumkin or part of the rigging).
  3. No boat may leave Weston Bay (within a line from the seaward end of Brean Down to the seaward end of Birnbeck Island) before 0001 hours on Easter Saturday [Holy Saturday/Easter Eve] morning.
  4. On arrival at Barry the helmsperson must record the time of arrival (GPS time) in the boat’s Log and present a copy to the Sailing Committee.
  5. In order to be considered for the Sansom Trophy the helm or owner must submit a brief log of the voyage, including the evidence mentioned in 4 above, to a member of the Sailing Committee of the WBYC within 14 days of completion of the passage.
  6. The logs will be considered by the Sailing Committee of the Club and their decision will be based on them.
  7. Entrants who use any form of propulsion, other than sails, must declare it in their log with a note of the reason and the time that the alternative form of propulsion was in use. Engines or oars may only be used to avoid grounding or collision.




2017 Les Willis with Pandora
2016 Les Willis with Pandora
2015 There was an 'entrant' this year, but it was too windy and he was too scared to leave the mooring. Better luck next year Jeff.
 ... to 2014 Les Willis has been the winner in recent years.