As we said in the racing overview pages, the club has a proud tradition of organising and taking part in races and cruises in the Bristol Channel, and we mean to keep that going.

In 2018 we'll continue with ad-hoc sailing events via our Facebook chat page @Weston Bay YC coupled with a busy racing calander.

The most popular league event is the Bay Series, which is typically held on a Saturday or Sunday over a single tide. This gives us enought time to make one or two laps around the bay on various courses. The bay is relatively sheltered, so it provides an ideal introduction into mixed-class cruiser-racing.

During the race, as we all tend to have markedly different boats, there is usually plenty of space out on the water. Encyclopeadic knowledge of the racing rules is not necessary, and the prime directive is simply to 'stay out of trouble', and the best advice is usually to 'make sure you finish'!

When the time handicaps are calculated, the results are remarkably tight, with places being won or lost across just a few seconds in some cases. Every tack and trim change really counts in these races!

The racing calander can be seen in the 2018 program..