The club can be hard to find if you don't know where to look. It is signposted, but finding the signs isn't easy either.

The clubhouse is roughly here...

Google Map Centered on Club

There are two ways to get to the club house - by car or by foot. Either way, the journey starts at the end of Links Road.

By car, you'll find a gate across the road. On club nights, this will normally be open, but seldom before 20:00. Go through the gate and onto the beach. Turn sharp left, and drive 500 metres or so. You will soon see the club house.

By foot, you'll find a path at the end of Links Road that the golf club uses to access a couple of their greens. Go through the gate, and along the path. As soon as you can, get up onto the path that you'll find at the top of the beach wall. Walk along the path, away from Weston, and you will find yourself walking towards a bush. Just as you get to this bush, you will find some steps that lead to the back door of the clubhouse.