There are three categories of membership available.

Full / Sailing This category offers full access to all of the facilities of the club. This is the membership category for anyone wanting to use the club as the base for their sailing activity.
Senior This is a discounted 'Full' membership available to senior members who have been with the club for a qualifying period.
Social A category for members who are not active sailors.


Note that the Social category is under review, and at this year's AGM it was decided to significantly reduce the Social fees. However it must be noted that this has led to a need to make the limited benefits available much clearer. A Social Member's Guide will be published in due course.

The club can also give Life Honorary Membership to suitably worthy folk at the discretion of the AGM.


The fees are reviewed and set at the Club's AGM. The new fee structure from November 2017 is:

 Category  Annual Fee 
Full/sailing  £150
Senior   £75
Social   £10
Mooring £75 per mooring


'Full' and 'Senior' membership of the club entitles you to apply for some of the cheapest mooring facilities in the UK.

See Mooring Information

Currently, there are plenty of spare slots, and no waiting list. There is no qualifying period for mooring applications, and no special conditions other than membership of the club, and purchase and maintenance of the ground tackle.

Members' Handbook

A downloadable copy of the Members Handbook is available here.

Application Forms

A downloadable copy of the Membership and Mooring Application Form is available here.

If you have any problems downloading, - please e-mail or phone - I'm sure we can arrange for a copy to get to you some other way. See contact page for contact details.

Membership Queries

In the first instance, membership queries should be addressed to Jeff Adams, acting as the club's Membership Secretary, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Beach Passes

A Beach Pass for the current year is available from the clubhouse or by request via e-mail. Members who have registered a user account on the web site can find a beach pass to download in the member's pages.

Please make sure you have one displayed at all times and park in the vicinity of the club house.

Beach Access Keys

Members can apply for a key to the gate which is across the beach asccess road. A nominal deposit is charged for each key.



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