The club does not run a formal system of work rotas. Instead it relies on volunteer effort from the members to get things done.

(Note that club members are still obliged to maintain their moorings as laid out in the club rules!)

Every so often, the Club's General Committee and the Bosun decide on areas that need to be worked on. Invariably this includes our pontoon, but there are all sorts of things that need to be addressed over the course of a year.

The work gets bundled into a number of Work Party sessions, which are then advertised.

Work parties are open to all members, and all levels of skills. If you don't fancy dragging pontoons around - that's fine. Turning up to make a pot of tea would be more than welcomed, and there are always small jobs that need doing alongside the main work allocated for the day.

So please come along and join in. It's always a lot more fun when there are plenty of people around, and the more people who turn up, the less it's a case of the same old faces doing the jobs.