Club Committee Structure



The club's General Committee meets monthly at the club house, to discuss the running of the club, its yachting and social activities, and decides what needs to be done as issues emerge.

The discussions range from brief updates, to ‘full and frank’ exchanges of views.

The Committee

In legal terms, the club is a Limited Company, and as such it must have a board of directors. The club appoints a number of directors. The governance of the club is performed by the directors and the other committee members.

Descriptions of some of the key committee posts can be read in the Terms of Reference.


The President is normally a director, and is essentially the person who ‘presides’ over the smooth running of the club. The President also chairs the AGM.

Flag Officers

Any member can be elected as a Flag Officer at the AGM, but they do need to be willing to be registered as a company director. The Flag Officers are the Commodore, the Vice-Commodore and the Rear-Commodore. They perform the role of Chair-person, Deputy-chair, and Club Manager respectively. The Commodore is essentially the Chief Executive Officer of the club.

Club Officers

There are a number of posts on the committee with specific roles to perform for the club. In no particular order, these are Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Chair of the Moorings Sub-committee, Racing Officer, Bosun and Bar Officer.

Most of these roles are self explanatory, but note that the Social Secretary is not expected to be a caterer! The Bosun is responsible for maintenance, and also organises the work parties. Also note that the chair of the Moorings Sub-committee can also be a director.

Committee members may perform more than one role, but generally, there should be one dedicated person for each of these roles.

General Committee Members

As well as the posts with specific roles, the club elects a number of general members. These posts are important; a vote from any committee member has the same weight as a vote from the Commodore. As well as voting, general members may carry out a large range of duties as and when the committee decides that some action is needed.

These posts provide an ideal way to contribute to the running of the club.

How to get involved

If you are tempted to volunteer to serve on the committee, but are not sure about it, please have a chat with any committee member - past or present.