General Facilities

The clubhouse has a fully licenced bar and comfortable social room, toilets / showers / changing facilities, a kitchen and a small storage area.

It is a peaceful friendly place to have a drink, away from the buzz of the town and in summer the sun sets across the bay, creating some spectacular views.

Visitors are always welcome to join the members on Friday night or after racing on Sundays.

Members and visitors are reminded that there is a pay and display scheme on the beach during the summer but we are exempt if the membership disc is displayed in our vehicles. (For the 2017 Beach Pass see members pages, or ask at the Clubhouse.)

Access to the beach 'out of hours' is protected by a padlocked barrier. Members may obtain a gate key by paying a deposit.

Please bear in mind the state of the tide if parking by the clubhouse. The stilts are there for a good reason!

Nearby there is a pontoon for launching and a small tender slipway.These are reserved for members only and provide easy access to the river's moorings.

Clubhouse Security

Any club member or visitor can ask for the access code for the key safe by the Clubhouse door by phoning 01934 257071.

The key safe holds the key to the front door. Note that this can be fiddly - the trick is to operate the lock to its fullest extent, and then wind back a little - this releases the key.

Having negotiated the front door, you have access to the toilets and showers, and the all important hot water switch. You can ask for the location of that when you ring up for the combination code.

When leaving the club, note that the lights are on an automatic timer.

Visitor's Mooring on the Axe

A visitor can tie up to the pontoon at Uphill Pier but access is limited to about 2 hours either side of high water. The pier is covered by tides over 11.5 meters and with tides up to 13 meters this must be born in mind and boats must not be left unattended.

For a longer stay, visit the club on a Friday night or contact the Commodore and hopefully we can find a spare mooring to use. This will be subject to a private agreement between the mooring's licence holder and the visiting boat owner.

The visiting owner will be responsible for ensuring the mooring is suitable for the boat and advising the club of insurance details.

Using the Clubhouse for Private Events

Members and their associates are welcome to use the clubhouse at any time, and for practically any event, on application to the Social Secretary.

Unfortuneately, it is not possible to hire the Clubhouse out to the general public.

Members wanting to use the Clubhouse may apply to the Bar Secretary to arrange a bar tender.

The Social Secretary may suggest a suitable donation is made to the club to cover running costs.