Andy's Dream

To sail non-stop solo around the world in honour of the 9 people who first attempted it 50 years ago with the Golden Globe race, and to raise awareness of these people and hopefully inspire others to chase their own dreams.


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About the 1968 Golden Globe Race

In 1968 nine people attempted to become the first to sail non-stop solo around the world. A 10 month journey through some of the most dangerous waters in the world, alone and in a time before satellite navigation and satellite communications.  9 people made the attempt, only 1 made it to the finish line. Each of their stories are fascinating and inspiring, and well worth reading about.

Here’s a start:

This year is their 50th Anniversary, and I’d like to invite you to honour these great sailors by overcoming a challenge and pushing towards making your own dreams come true.

About Andy

My name is Andy Press. I grew up sailing, coastal hopping in Devon and trips over to France and the Biscay coast with family. This all abruptly stopped when I was 19 and for the last 20 odd years I’ve been yearning to return to my beloved ocean. Time goes quickly and dreams get put on hold.

Enough was enough and for the last 8 years I’ve been saving and working towards getting back on the water as well as making this voyage a reality. A non-stop solo around the world attempt following the route of the original event.

Finally bought my boat last year, she is not only beautiful but has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. There is a lot of work to get her ready for serious ocean sailing, but she is more than capable.

I'm planning on having an Open Boat day on the 23rd June, for people to come along, have a nose about and ask any questions. The planned departure date at the moment is the 30th June. Both events taking place here at the yacht club.

About what WBYC will be doing

We're helping and supporting Andy as best we can. We'll be adding to this story over time, and providing updates from Andy as we get them. We'll be holding events leading up to his departure, including a BBQ for the Open Boat day mentioned earlier.

New Crewmember for SV Greenfingers

Meet Louis, the latest addition to the SV Greenfingers crew, seen here familiarizing himself with the ships helm.
Louis is no stranger to adventure having already ridden on the front of a motorcycle from Land's End to John o' Groats and back again raising money for the RNLI. Louis brought them luck and a big thanks to the RNLI for letting him join the Greenfingers crew on this coming adventure.
Please show the RNLI some love, these brave souls endure tough conditions to save the lives of others every day. They are entirely reliant on volunteers and supporters like you.
Please give generously and if you see a volunteer give them a hug, unless they are rushing off on another call in which case get out of their way.