Andy's Dream

To sail non-stop solo around the world in honour of the 9 people who first attempted it 50 years ago with the Golden Globe race, and to raise awareness of these people and hopefully inspire others to chase their own dreams.


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16th June 2019

Well 96 hours later how's he doing I hear you ask.
A controller for one of the wind generators has given up the ghost, the fan belt on the engine snapped on his way out of PD but he found a lull in the weather and seas to fit a replacement, all good on that score.
The further he travels north the colder he is getting 'Putting on woolly hat, bikini not enough', I know hell of a mental image, Andy in a hat.
He did suffer with light winds for a spell and unfortunately he will begetting 48 hours more from tomorrow.
He is still enjoying himself and in awe of mother nature 'Certainly smiling , its a real honor being
out here, viewing and feeling the oceans great majesty <3'. Although as always the reverse side of the coin 'Environmental news. Its depressing. Just saw what looked to be a seagull, nope a block of Styrofoam. Not a day so far without seeing trash.'
So with about 820Nm under his belt and about 900 more to do we will leave Andy and call in again soon. Keep watching.


12th June 2019

Yesterdays report gave Andy's position as 39 03.9N 17 42.3W.
He was only doing 3 Knots but that's not drifting so, so far so good.

But the hydrovane and a wind shift had put him on a SW course forcing him to put in an uncomfortable tack.
Now on a course of 330 and annoyed with himself he is getting some north under the hull.

The forecast for the next 5 days is looking good from tomorrow and will be bringing him ever closer home. Keep the wind at your back and stay safe mate.


10th June 2019

As of 14:03 today (10th June 2019) Andy was at 39 11.47N 19 30.00W.
The high in his area is pushing him easterly rather than NE or even NNE. It is however giving him a good speed and a fair ride, doing about 6knots throughout the night. As he said "This high is a troll, wind picked back up evening able to make 6 045, in morn back to 090, othrws good sail". Keep watching.


7th June 2019

Well folks, Andy is progressing well and went out of range of the shore based AIS system late last night. All is well and the forecast is favourable. All your good wishes were passed on before he went beyond mobile coverage and Andy was upbeat, positive and looking forward to seeing friends and family.


5th June2019


As of 3 minutes ago our intrepid sailor left Ponta Delgada bound for home.


November 2018

Current Position - Azores

Andy is taking a break now - staying in the Azores till he works out his next move.

3rd October 2018

Current Position - 38 44.70n 24 01.67w

Sleep is a bit of a problem for Andy at the moment as both sea and wind are moving around a lot so as he settles it all shifts and he is broadsided again. Shore crew are waiting for a message to say he is in signal range of Sao Miguel hopefully less than 12hours for that. More news to follow when hopefully he is safely back in port.


2nd October 2018

Current Position - 39 48.56n 22 42.60w

Hdg 240 4Kn

Not much sleep, Andy isn't used to the roll when running and cross seas and waves crashing over the beam an uneasy passage at the moment. Although the conditions are improving and the speed is good. He is hoping to make it back to Ponta Delgada (205Nm) Thursday lunch time-ish. He will keep an eye on his mobile and ring shore crew as soon as he is this space and keep sending your best wishes to Andy. Shore crew out.


1st October 2018

Current Position - 40 44.00n 21 33.13w

(1830hrs) Andy is unsure what he should do with the wind an ENE at force 6 and 4m high waves he is not having much fun. With the poor weather his communications link is unstable so it took him 4hrs to get a weather update. He has decided that the Scillies is beyond his reach at the moment and with the current weather forecast the Azores is most favorable although Porto or similar in Portugal may be possible.


(1910hrs) Porto is a bust. Andy thinks his only viable option is back to the Azores, 260Nm and a heading of 230 works well with the waves and he should be able topick up some speed. He will get waves breaking over the stern so boards are in for the foreseeable future.


Andy's latest 2104hrs, -

Surfs uyp dude. The long board is the realm of the pro i believe. I have a very long board. Hdg 225 at 4Kn, 5Kn + when surfing. Heavily reefed, hope to shake out in the morning. Sorry going to miss the AGM but a long trip back.

Stay safe mate.


30th September 2018

Current Position - 41 19.15n 21 57.01w

FrustratinglyAndy is going nowhere and getting there fast, his speed has dropped right down as the wind is  a north easterly but blowing a force 7. Very rough but sleeping.

29th September 2018

Current Position - 41 45.64n 22 41.76w

Andy has been forced to tidy the boat as with the winds increasing he has been healed over at quite angle, in fact enough to dump everything on the cabin floor. So he has stowed his gear as he should of done in the first place. The wind is really picking up now and Andy has prepped the boat as much as he can including putting the third reef. Hopefully this batch of higher wind speed will start to drop over the next 24hrs and he should be good till next weekend. Keep safe Andy.


28th September 2018

Current Position - 42 00.46n 23 37.58w

Spirits are high following yet another good 24hrs even though the wind has been all over the place from northerly to south easterly and force 3 to 6 plus all back again. Andy will be putting in his first tack soon to bring him more easterly. Andy says he is feeling really good, batteries are behaving, boat is good and speed is good. Bring it home Andy.


27th September 2018

Current Position - 40 56.32n 23 27.90w

Hdg 040

Wind ese F4

The wind has been very variable in intensity going up and down between F4 and F1 but has steadied during the day. Andy has settled back in to life at sea although forgot he was on a boat at sea last night when he woke in the early hours to the sound of howling wind. In his words...

'Awoke in the eary hours to the sound of howling wind, feel smug as I lay safe and cosy. Where am I? On a boat. Oh, in port? No, underway. Oh. Pay close attention to movement of the boat and every little sound. Well within operational limits. Smugness returns as does sleep.'

So all well and making progress. See you all soon.

26th September 2018

Current Position - 39 57.42n 24 50.08w

Well 48hrs in and 170Nm uder his belt Andy is settle in to life at sea again. A big swell is running and cross seas are making SV Greenfingers creak but she is happy as is her Captain. Let's all wish him the best for the voyage ahead.


25th September 2018

Current Position - 38 54.12n 25 59.00w

Steering NNW at a steady 5kn Andy noticed the hydrovane (automatic steering gear) misbehaving. Following a quick look it became evident a pin was missing. In the morning with more light a replacement was fitted (from the spares kit) and problem solved. The wind died for a few hours during the night as it happened so the steering gear had nothing to do anyway.

Andy's body is being reminded of what sealife is like and at the moment his stomach is not enjoying the sensation.

Keep watching folks...

24th September

Current Position - 37 42.62n 25 45.99w

So the homeward bound journey begins. Andy left Ponta Delgada at 1700 GMT with clear skies and fair conditions. Motoring to get clear of the shipping and the islands shadow.

On the left leaving the pontoon.

More to follow....

24th September 2018

Current Position - Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores

Please accept the shore crews apologies for no news, although there has really been no news...until now that is.

Our intrepid Andy is at long last putting to sea again and heading home to re-group before heading off again, all being well, in 2020.

Before we sign off for today, updates will follow I promise, the sum total of written communication received from 'Our man in the Azores': -

Time flies when you are hanging upsidedown with your head in an engine compartment and a confused look on your face.  So, still:
Current position: Ponta Delgada Marina, Pontoon F, right at the end hoging a space reserved for boats twice as long as me.
A lot has happened, mostly good.  The engine is now purring like a, well a diesel engine.  Took a while to diagnose, but found there's a hole in the diaphragm in the injection pump governor.  Shore Crew were able to send out a replacement, which took a week to get here, and with a lot of swearing I was able to replace myself, which I'm rather proud of.
The leak in the rudder post has been a constant annoyance, nothing I've done has fixed it.  Currently the leak has been slowed and a better fix is not looking likely without taking the boat out of the water.  It's now more manageable, but will still be keeping an eye on it on the way back.
A whole bunch of smaller problems have also been fixed, and the boat is ready to set sail again.
The weather of late has been pretty awful, but what looks to be a good weather window has come up and so getting ready to cast off later today.  Looking like it's going to be a bumpy ride back, but hopefully a lot faster.
Planned route is pretty much direct to the Isles of Scilly, with a brief stop over there to rest up before punching up the Bristol Channel.

So AIS back on, SAT phone back on, oilies back on. See you soon Andy.


23rd August 2018

Current Position - Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores.

Sorry for the delay folks but here, at last, a word from the man himself.

Apologies for the delay in updating you all on the current situation.  As you know I am in Ponta Delgado at present and had a good birthday yesterday, opening presents, cards and reading all the kind messages people have been sending.  Took time off from the repairs for the day, although did still end up fixing a few things and had my head in the engine bay for a couple of hours.
So, last you heard I had a leak, this is under control and have a good plan for fixing.  But sadly that wasn't the final issue to crop up.
Started to motor in to port on the morning of the 19th.  After 2.5 hours the engine revs started fluctuating wildly, when the engine finally came to a stop there was a big cloud of smoke and maybe the odd swear word.  Spent the afternoon on the phone with Shore Crew working out what the problem could be and running a bunch of checks on the engine.  As it wasn't looking likely I'd be getting in before nightfall, the decision was made to test the engine in the morning and then head in.
I spent the night holding 10NM offshore and in the morning tested the engine.  Still not working.  Ran through what my options were and called MRCC requesting assistance.  A charter fishing boat kindly came along and towed me in to the inner harbour who then passed the line over to someone on a jetski who maneuvered me to the nearest available pontoon.
The next day had a mechanic take a look at the engine and the prognosis is not at all good, not guaranteed but likely the fuel injection pump.  He wants to lift the engine out to fix, which is lots of both time and money.  Hoping to get a second and maybe third opinion on it over the next couple of days, meanwhile Shore Crew and friends are investigating the problem as much as possible their end, thanks guys.  I fear I'm going to owe a lot of people a lot of beers after this.
If getting the engine fixed ends up not being and option then there is a backup plan.  Source an outboard, bracket and gubbins, and stick it on the back for use in emergencies and for getting in to port back in UK.
Needless to say, but the trip now will be back to the UK either way.  Then return to employment, insulate the boat so I can live on board over the winter, keep costs low, pay off the debt of this voyage, make repairs, then prepare for the next adventure.
My spirits are still good, and despite all the problems I don't regret a thing.
Once I get a bit of free time, I'll post more both on current progress and more detail on the voyage here, the bad, the good, the amazing.
Of course it's not over yet, still got the voyage home, let's hope for a bit more luck.
P.S. if anyone is a bit of an expert on Mercedes OM636 engines and fancies a holiday in the Azores ...?
Keep watching...

17th August 2018

Following no contact from Andy for 72hrs and trying every method Shore Crew had to contact him with no joy and being completely unaware of his situation the decision was taken to contact the Coastguard at Milford Haven. Following a 1 hour telephone call the situation was escalated to international level and Spanish, Portugese and the Azores Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centres were informed. The Azores MRCC made numerous attempts to contact Andy via VHF and his satellite telephone and eventually managed to make contact with him at approximately 2351UTC, 22 minutes after Shore Crew receieved an update from him. So he is safe which is the most important thing, now SC can have a go at him for all the stress and near heart failure caused.

So what was the issue, his satellite phone didn't want to get a signal so could neither send nor receive any information, emails or calls. Not sure at this point whether it was finger trouble or a fault with his phone, there were no reported issues with the network.

He did however have other issues to contend with during this time, on Monday he discovered that the stern cabin floor was 2inches (5cm) under water and slowly deepening, He set to bailing out and investigating the source. Tuesday he had to bail out another 10gallons (50l) but was now certain it is the rudder post leaking. He has done what he can and is monitoring, very closely, but this new problem has forced his hand and a stop at the Azores is a definite, Porta Delgada to be precise. The Azores MRCC are keeping an eye on him and monitoring his progress as well as talking to him every 24hours, so he is in safe hands from that side. Please send him good wishes and kind winds.

So where has he been

13th August - 39 18.05n 22 13.11w

14th August - 39 18.05n 22 13.11w

15th August - 39 18.20n 21 59.37w

Yesterday found our man at 38 39.49n 23 14.83w and today as of 16.46UTC he was 38 09.29n 23 55.72w approximately 80Nm from Porta Delgada so sometime tomorrow he will be in harbour and starting to affect repairs.

Keep watching and keep sending Andy your best thoughts.

Very, very relieved Shore Crew Out.


15th August 2018

No contact from Andy


14th August 2018

No contact from Andy


13th August 2018

No contact from Andy.


12th August 2018

Current Position - 38 35.43n 20 21.29w

Friday, the 10th, saw our intrepid Andy heading almost due south definately not the direction he wants to be going in. Although spirits quite high and the irksome batteries at 65% he was covering some ground. To help his battery situation he decided, against the advise of the SC to turn his AIS and VHF off when he was up and about, OK he thought as he hadn't seen a soul in over a week...Then follows a close call with a cargo vessel (too close for comfort), he didn't see it till it had passed his bow. AIS now on all the time.

So the weekend brings a bit more wind slowly coming round to the north and pushing Andy towards the Azores at last and with some speed. Covering almost 200Nm in a couple of days is a huge improvement on some we could mention. Although tired his spirits are still good definately helped by a good days sail. He saw another ship on Saturday, on the AIS first, not close at all, the system works. Sunday with a NNW force 5 wind blowing Andy is making a due west course at a steady 4kn+, go Andy go. Batteries at 60%.


9th August 2018

Current Position - 42 30.69n 19 20.74w

Becalmed again...Yes I know Andy is not having the best of luck wind wise, please everyone send the weather gods a note/email/sms and see what we can do for him. It is also Andy's birthday in a couple of weeks so please send him an email birthday wish, we will pass them on the evening before so he gets a great birthday surprise, usual email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). As always thank you all for your support. So no wind means no wind power generation although the solar is working overtime the battery issue still remains, currently 65%. Also no wind no hydravane to steer so not much rest but eating well. KR Shore Crew




7th August 2018

Current Position - 43 23.18n 18 36.35w

Andys spirits holding steady as is his course as he heads towards the Azores. It looks like he may have to stop to make some alterations as his batteries are not charging enough on the wind generators. A good bit of wind has kept him on a steady 200T course for most of today but his batteries are only at 55% not good enough especially when he does reach the doldrums.


5th August 2018

Current Position - 44 36.73n 17 59.59w

Spirits down a bit as his 3rd reef is chewing up its reefing line and we can't figure out what is causing it. Add to that the generators not producing what he had hoped (batteries at 45%) and he can't get the nose through the wind when he is reefed it turns out its not all plain sailing. Also one more issue the electric bilge pump has ceased to operate, yet another item on his list. Best wishes please for Andy.


3rd August 2018

Current Position - 44 47.14n 14 56.49w

Thursday night saw the winds pick, finally, and Andy has been doing a steady 3-4 knots since then although his course was more westerly than he'd hoped. Since then the winds has picked up as have the seas he is still very tired but his spirits are up. All in all a good 48hrs for our intrepid sailor.


1st August 2018

Current Position - 44 37.25n 11 10.34w

From too much too nothing Andy is becalmed again and waiting for a change in the weather, the wind died about 02.00UTC and nothing since. Although no real sailing today he is happy with his lot. Fingers crossed for a nice breeze to help him on his way.

Shore Crew out.


30th July 2018

Current Position - 45 23.74n 10 44.64w

Over the past 48hours Andy has had it a bit rough as the Bay of Biscay lived up to its name. He had WSW winds at a steady force 8 gusting to 9, along with big breaking seas all gave him a very rough night. He was cold wet and tired and spirits took a hit especially as he couldn't check the weather so didn't know how long the storm would last. He battened down the hatches ate some hot food and cat napped hoping for the wind to abate. Today brought some much needed respite with the wind dropping to a force 3 and a chance to repair a couple of items following the abuse of the previous night. More food and sleep alongwith the weather report have buoyed his spirits and he his looking forward to the Atlantic proper.


28th July 2018

Current Position - 44 22.31n 9 26.08w

Today found Andy about 75NM NW of Coruna  Spain with his heading going from South in the morning through a tack he is now making only a couple of knots on a SW course. A small issue with his GPS during the night, nothing serious as he has multiple backup systems. Although tired Andy is getting more sleep now and is in a lot better spirits.


26th July 2018

Current Position - 45 34.34n 9 15.55w

Wind!!! Andy has wind, the direction could have been kinder but don't complain. The wind generators are working and the batteries are coming up. Progress is being made and his spirits are lifting. The hydravane is doing its job as well so Andy can catch up on rest and little jobs. Don't forget if you want to email Andy you can, no videos or pictures please, email the shore crew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they wwill pass on your message. Till next timeShore Crew out.


25th July 2018

Current Position - 46 11.91n 10 2.80w

Today finds Andys spirits down a bit as he is very tired from steering continuously as there is no wind for the hydravane to helm by. Having to helm all the time means that his aches are not fading as quickly as we'd hoped but they are fading. Also the jobs he wants to get on and do can't be done while he is on the wheel. We are hoping for an improvement in the weather but it is slow in coming the synopsis looks better for Friday, so fingers crossed everyone. On the bright side he has seen lots more whales yesterday so that has helped lift his mood. More in a day or two. Regards Shore Crew.


22nd July 2018

Current Position - N47° 08.46  W8° 51.97

Today finds Andy out of Sole into Fitzroy and rapidly leaving British shipping forecast areas behind. Although spirits down slightly this is due topower generation which continues to be an issue. Batteries currenly at 55% so not desperate by any means but still a niggle. Heading 200T but at only 2Kn and the wind from NNW he is still progressing albeit slowly at the moment. Thats all from Shore Crew over to Andy: -


Andy Press & Greenfingers

Weekly Report No. 1

What an ... interesting start, struggling to get the nose through the wind when coming off the pontoon, then sliding down the river sideways a fair bit before finally getting her turned around and going in the right direction. Then out in the bay had a few problems getting the self-steering gear working, and ended with the control rope back to the cockpit snapping, so now I'm heading to the stern when I need to change course. Not too difficult to fix it's not a great deal and higher priorities. Had a good breeze out of the bay, on the second reef, shot over to the holms, then proceeded to tack my way down the center of the Bristol Channel. Got to Porlock in the early hours of the next day just before the tide turned then no wind. A few hours later I'm drifting back to Weston at about 3 knots. After looking at the weather reports, the situation isn't likely to improve any time soon, and I'd likely be drifting up and down the channel for the next couple of days. However I see wind the other side of Swansea, so I slowly head over to Swansea. Once I get to Swansea the wind had moved on to Milford Haven. I start to drift waiting for the winds to arrive, but at least I'm away from the worst of the tide. By now I'm pretty shattered, having not had a chance to sleep, or eat particularly well. That night I manage to get a few 20min cat naps in, and force a bit of food inside me. When the winds finally turn up I head towards Cornwall, only for the winds to desert me again, more waiting, then a bit of breeze and I'm off across the shipping lanes, very slowly, once across the winds desert again and I'm back to drifting, seeing a trend here? Winds come back and I finally make it to the Isles of Scilly. Had to come in quite close to get mobile signal, winds of course go again. Spent Thursday drifting off the Scillies and touching base with friends on the mobile. Get a good bit of wind in the evening and I'm shooting out of the UK at 7 knots. Last year it took me 30 hours to get to the Scillies, this year I'm not sure I want to count the days.

Now out in the Atlantic heading towards the Azores, starting to get a routine together. Had some nice force 6's, some force 4's and now becalmed yet again. The worst thing though is the swell that turned up yesterday afternoon, the morning was as perfect as could be, force 4, gentle swell and sun, the afternoon however no wind, and a horrible swell, tried to alter course to try and ride it better, but no matter what course was steered the swell would find me. Last night as I lay trying to sleep, I start to hear the occasional pop as one by one the champagne bottles I'd brought to make offerings to Neptune for safe passage decided they'd had enough.

Power generation has been on my mind most days, as the wind generators aren't working as well as expected. The backup solar panel is currently working overtime to try and supply enough power to run the essentials.

Seen load of porpoises, the first pod turned up as I went between the holms, and on average noticed 3 separate visits each day while in UK waters, I sure I heard one of them laugh and say "You're still here!?". Yesterday saw a couple of whales at a distance, and a couple more porpoises, although they didn't stop by to say hi.

When I left, I was still very much in preparation mode, and not at all in sailing mode. On the way to the Holms I even found myself thinking, "Why am I doing this?", over the days I've remembered why, and day by day I've been getting my sea legs back and settling in to life on board. There really is nothing better than being on a sailboat out at sea.

Will next check emails on Wednesday, so replies to emails I receive today won't go out till then.

All the best, Andy.


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20th July 2018

Current Position - N48.5461  W7.272

Today finds Andy out of Lundy and into Sole shipping area past the Scillies and on towards The Azores. Did you all spot his second secret letter? (Or maybe a ancient Rune)(will there be more (watch this space)). Andy came in close to both Cornwall and The Scillies to contact shore crew to discuss and resolve some issues. Battery charging has been a problem with the light winds but we have reconfigured a few things and fingers crossed he can continue as before without any power saving modes. He is eating and sleeping well and I feel is getting into his rhythm now and looking forward to his next step on his journey. Apart from mentally adjusting to this stop/start/stop life his body has to adjust to living at an angle all the time and so he is suffering from a few aches, but again adjusting brilliantly. He is off at 4+Kn on 200T and his next possible sighting of land will be the Azores in 8-12 days. Go Andy go.

18th July 2018

Current Position - N50.57599  W6.00634

Today finds Andy about 30NM NNW of Lands End following a close passage to shore to contact shore base for some advice. Since then his track looks like he has been trying to write something (I think it's WBYC but I am biased). Winds from the South West are hampering his progress but with the winds staying in the SW-W corner he will continue to struggle. Shore base had a good long chat with him and between us we managed to sort his problems and come up with some solutions to little niggles. The next time we will be able to talk will be if he is close enough to the Scilly Isles. Good progress and spirits high he is sleeping well and eating better. Talk soon Andy.

17th July 2018

Current  Position - N50.53645  W5.78085

This morning finds Andy 25miles north of Lands End progress has been slow due too very light winds but ground has been covered since yesterday. He was a bit down yesterday morning due to lack of sleep and food (no time to cook something decent) he slept a bit in the afternoon and some simple food, spirits lifting. AIS was down for most of yesterday and shore base was unable to contact him but AIS back up and running. Forecast for the next 24hrs West backing southwest 4 or 5. Slight or moderate sea fair weather and good visibility.


16th July 2018

Current Position - N51.10  W5 21 - level with Ilfracombe (East West) and Milford Haven (North South)

He's off... Saturday 14th July 2018 at 2036 Andy started his epic voyage. With a good breeze and the ebb tide to help him set off down the Bristol Channel only for the wind to abandon him in the early

hours. No wind means no hydravane to steer for him so Andy spent all night keeping a very watchful eye out in a very busy shipping area. The wind was fickle again all day Sunday and following a telephone call to base he is in good spirits and looking forward to his adventure. Monday morning found him mid-point between Lundy and the Welsh coast with, yet again no wind but an improving forecast.

So the big day has arrived. Andy postponed the start to get a few niggles sorted out - and the big news is that it's looking good for a departure on Saturday 14th July. We are going down to the Weston Bay Yacht Club to see him off from about 5:30, and he'll be leaving the bay around 8:30 all being well.

About the 1968 Golden Globe Race

In 1968 nine people attempted to become the first to sail non-stop solo around the world. A 10 month journey through some of the most dangerous waters in the world, alone and in a time before satellite navigation and satellite communications.  9 people made the attempt, only 1 made it to the finish line. Each of their stories are fascinating and inspiring, and well worth reading about.

Here’s a start:

This year is their 50th Anniversary, and I’d like to invite you to honour these great sailors by overcoming a challenge and pushing towards making your own dreams come true.

About Andy

My name is Andy Press. I grew up sailing, coastal hopping in Devon and trips over to France and the Biscay coast with family. This all abruptly stopped when I was 19 and for the last 20 odd years I’ve been yearning to return to my beloved ocean. Time goes quickly and dreams get put on hold.

Enough was enough and for the last 8 years I’ve been saving and working towards getting back on the water as well as making this voyage a reality. A non-stop solo around the world attempt following the route of the original event.

Finally bought my boat last year, she is not only beautiful but has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. There is a lot of work to get her ready for serious ocean sailing, but she is more than capable.

I'm planning on having an Open Boat day on the 23rd June, for people to come along, have a nose about and ask any questions. The planned departure date at the moment is the 30th June. Both events taking place here at the yacht club.

About what WBYC will be doing

We're helping and supporting Andy as best we can. We'll be adding to this story over time, and providing updates from Andy as we get them. We'll be holding events leading up to his departure, including a BBQ for the Open Boat day mentioned earlier.

New Crewmember for SV Greenfingers

Meet Louis, the latest addition to the SV Greenfingers crew, seen here familiarizing himself with the ships helm.
Louis is no stranger to adventure having already ridden on the front of a motorcycle from Land's End to John o' Groats and back again raising money for the RNLI. Louis brought them luck and a big thanks to the RNLI for letting him join the Greenfingers crew on this coming adventure.
Please show the RNLI some love, these brave souls endure tough conditions to save the lives of others every day. They are entirely reliant on volunteers and supporters like you.
Please give generously and if you see a volunteer give them a hug, unless they are rushing off on another call in which case get out of their way.