Wandering Monks & Travelling Heroes

Two friends, one a Rev and the other a poet are leaving Weston for Bristol, then sailing around the U.K asking a question and seeking answers from both todays communities and the lessons of history.

Visit their web site: http://www.navigatorsoffaith.com for more.

Has today’s society lost sight of where its come from and therefore where it is heading?

In asking the question, they are seeking to engage with around 6 million people across the U.K between May and September 2018. Engagement is varied, from inviting people to attend talks and discussions at 60 ports of call around the country, listening to these via social media, web site, or applying to join either the support team or crew. Anyone over 18 can engage irrespective of their faith, belief, religion, sexuality, gender or race. There has already been interest from local BBC radio and newspapers. Raising awareness via interview is an essential part of engagement. Originating with support from Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire, Holy Trinity Hotwells in Bristol and Trinity College Bristol, (part of Durham University), the vessel will sail over 2000 miles around our coast to a tight time table. Due to weather there is an element of risk involved with being on board and potentially monastic levels of discomfort.

Celtic Culture and a search for our roots

History is slowly being revised as our modern society realises that the Celtic culture is probably one of the greatest cultures in World history and provided the longest period of relative stability.

The proto-Celts were seafarers and they traded widely from before 6000 BC. Their legacy still exists today in the U.K.’s Celtic areas. When Rome pulled out of Britain, circa 390-410 AD, there was a loss of national identity and deep concerns as our systems underwent radical change.

From the period of 400 to 900 AD a form of Christianity arose from the Celtic cultures and swept our nation, providing a structure on which today’s society was founded. An example would be the founding of the 12 companies of Mercers in London, based around 12 tribes of Israel and the principle of fair weights and measures. Because people grew to trust us, our trade exploded and we went on to found trade missions and then embassies across the known world. This eventually led to the formation of our diplomatic service and foreign office. Thousands of these threads weave through today’s society and in rediscovering them we may well find answers that can bind us together to tackle post truth, fake news and plastic seas.

Weston Bay Yacht Club

We'll be seeing Andy Carnegie on his way and lending a hand as and when we can.

There is a service at Holy Trinity Hotwells Bristol on the 10th May 2018 at 12:00 sending us out. Everybody is invited to come along and there is an open invitation for anybody to come along and join the trip or engage with it.