The Club opens every Friday evening around 20:00, and visitors are always made welcome. We'll look to open the club more often over the summer period. Any scheduled events will be posted on the News & Events page, and the Calandar.

Our landline is down, so for more information contact us via our Facebook page. Search for Weston Bay Yacht Club.

Visting skippers can contact the Moorings Master, Richard Topham, on 01934 257071. It's always a good idea to contact the club before mooring at the pontoon. Conditions can be - entertaining.

Also - Key Club Contacts.


Car access to the club is fairly easy, but particulalry high tides on a Friday evening mean it's better to park on the road and walk over to the club house. Any tide over 11 metres will restrict access for a time, and tides over 12 metres will significantly reduce the amount of space to leave a car in. The highest Spring tides completely cover the beach.